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The expansion, and thus the recognition of Ready.Bike, allowed us to go out to sea! Investors’ interest has turned into a big step that we are taking together with Human Alfa.
Below  a few words about the event from the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation:
„Literally a dozen or so minutes ago, Human Alfa, whose shareholder is the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation, took up shares in the Trebiada Company. The company’s main activity is trade intermediation and wholesale of sports equipment, mainly bicycles and bicycle accessories. The company also runs specialized IT projects – such as Ready.Bike and LunchSpace. It is the first of these platforms that the Human Alfa Investment concerns. It is a platform designed for every entity operating in the bicycle industry: from manufacturers, through distributors, shops and services, to retail customers. READY.BIKE will become 360 system in the sense of the full flow of information about the service provided in real time in the cycle: manufacturer – stores – services – retail customers – manufacturer, so it will be a tool for managing a bicycle shop and service that no one has ever offered.

In the photo: President of the Management Board of the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation – Paweł Błachno and the originator and President of the Management Board of Trebiada – Daniel Kurpisz.

Let’s change the Bike Industry together!

This is the time to optimize
your cycling business!