Real time stocks of dealers and
stores, claims, service books, big
data of B2C customers around the


Own stocks and stores stocks, better control of pending unpaid invoices, sales and repairs stats

Stores & repair points

Own real time stocks, repairs and claims history, CRM - customers database and marketing tools

About BIN

BIN is a Bicycle ID Number assigned to a specific model of a bicycle. It is similar to VIN for cars.

The code is global and unique. Using the BIN code you can easily assign information concerning the bike, its parameters, specifications, repairs and claims history. Here you can get more info about the code structure.

BIN number is an independent code generated in the open source cloud, however the best and the most optimal way of usage of the code is in conjunction with RFID and NFC technology.

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Traceability benefits
Financial improvements
Process / operations optimization

BIN Structure

BIN consists of 5 sections and 19 characters in total.

It provides you information about the production year, manufacturer, it’s country, region and bike parametres like frame size, wheel size and color. In connection with manufacturers API we are also able to provide much more information about the bike like it’s specification, photo, repairs and claims history and warranty. A detailed structure of the BIN code is presented on the picture.

Besides the BIN code, to optimize your business, we suggest our complete solution based on 4.0 RFID and NFC technology.


The first section of a BIN code contains information about the brand (manufacturer) of the bike. It consist of four characters. First two characters indicates manufactuers’ country, last two charactrs manufacturer itself. The BIN code can be used for more than 300 000 different brands.

The second section of BIN is used to describe the product. It consist of 6 characters describing 5 following parametres: 

T – Product type (bike, e-bike, scooter, etc.)

F – Frame size

W – Wheel size

C – Check Digit

MM – Model of a bike

Third section of the BIN code consists of one character and stores information about the production year. The maximum age of a bike is 30 years. Letter A means a bike produced is 2015, B – 2016, C – 2017, etc.

Fourth part of BIN keeps information of the factory location belonging to the manufacturer described in the first section. This section is useful particularly when the manufacturer owns more than one factory.

The last section of code contains information about the sequential number.

Open Source
BIN Cloud

We provide a free of charge cloud-based open source solution that generates BIN codes and guarantees their uniqueness. Implementation of our cloud will significantly optimize and organize production in your company without disruption of any processes. 

Our solution is cloud-based. It means we provide secure API for communication between your systems and our cloud. 

Open source - free of charge
Working in the cloud
Fully secured
Automates, organizes, optimizes production and work
Does not disrupt current production processes
Multi-level secure acces based on roles and privilages

Let’s change the Bike Industry together!

We introduce a complete IoT BIN solution
based on 4.0 RFID & NFC Technology

The most optimal way of BIN usage is in conjunction with our complete 4.0 Technology.
Below we present more information, advantages and pricing.

4.0 Technology

BIN number is an independent code, that can work separately. However the best way to use it in the factory, warehouse or store is in the conjuction with our complete IoT solution.

Besides the BIN codes we are able to provide the full IoT solution for your Business. It is based on RFID & NFC tags placed on the bike frame.

Thanks to 4.0 technology now you are able to trace bikes you produce, distribute or sell on each stage of their lfecycle.

Up to 25% bikes more produced on one production line
Up to 15% more bikes sold in one season
Full real time access to distributors and stores stocks
Sense of security for your customes
Real time access to database of all your customers around the world


Below we present who is our solution dedicated for, the advantages of each group of our customers and the network connection of our system


Real time stocks of dealers and stores
Service books
Big data of B2C customers around the world


 Own stocks and stores stocks  Better control of pending unpaid invoices
 Sales and repairs stats


Own real time stocks
Repairs and claims history
CRM – customers
database and marketing tools

Security Services

Access to the database of stolen bikes
GDPR compliant


 Own repair history
 Report theft feature

Repair points

Repairs history
Work optimization
Customer messaging
Marketing tools

How does it work?

Manufacturer generated BIN from the cloud, assigns it to the RFID and NFC tags and places them on the frame 1
Manufacturer scans & activate the tag2
Distributor scans tag on accepting and issuing goods3
Store scans tag on acceptingand selling goods4
Salesman at store assigns bike to end user5
Manufacturer gets all data from each stage6


BIN is completely free for end-users. Also the set of BIN codes provided to the manufacturer is free of charge. However the most effective way is to use our complete 4.0 IoT solution. You can check out the pricing below.


You get:

 Bikes registered by stores

Warranties sent by stores in PDF inc. repairs history

Sales and repair stats


You get:

 All advantages from basic package

Active e-warranty book

Active claims via API


You get:

 All advantages from basic package

Full RFID solution - stock information of
shops and distributors

Cashflow control possibility

Demographic stats

Access to B2C customers around the world

R&D Team.

Research and development.

At the beginning of 2022 our company obtained funding from Human Alfa - the investor co-owned by Jagiellonian Center of Innovation. The investment allowed us to expand our professional Research and Development team. It consist of experts and scientists who systematically develop our Open Source and 4.0 RFID / NFC solutions.

In the cooperation with our partner - AXEM technology, an European Leader of RFID solutions, we have created the new RFID Tag dedicated specially for the bike industry. The tag has been created for and tested in the real conditions of the bike production process. It means it is high temperature resistant and can be easily used in the frame burnout process.

Our team is consequently developing our hardware and software solutions to make the highest quality product for the bike industry.

Daniel Kurpisz.

CEO / President of the Board.

Daniel has a wide and long experience in the bicycle industry. He has been running a network of bike stores and cycle repair shops for twenty years. For ten years he has been responsible for building bike brands, inc. RockMachine and Superior in the Central-Eastern Europe. He diagnosed the problem of the effective stock management in the product lifecycle and designed a cloud solution - READY.BIKE.

RFID / NFC Tag technology experss.

Anna Wrzesińska, Ph.D.

CTO / Materials Scientist

A graduate of the Poznan University of Technology: Faculty of Chemical Technology, Study of Chemical and Research Apparatus, 3rd degree and postgraduate course in Quality Management in Theory and Practice, completed with the Green Belt certificate.

In the project responsible for:
Development of standards, samples, use and aging tests.

Marcin Michalski

RFID Software Expert

A graduate of the Poznan University Technology: Faculty of Computer Science and Management, Study of Computer Science, Expert in WMS and RFID systems.

In the project responsible for: Selection of technology, selection and tag coding, testing and supervision.

Sulisław Słomski

RFID Hardware Expert

Solutions architect with many years of experience in IT and system implementation in various industries. Concept creation and implementation of standard and dedicated solutions combining Auto ID software and hardware.

In the project responsible for: Hardware for RFID technology: NFC, RFID tags, tag readers and writers, selection of appropriate antennas and other hardware necessary in the project.

Mathieu Bagot

AXEM Technology Expert

Graduated at Kungliga Tekniska högskolan, Master of Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He has extensive, many years of experience in RFID technology.

Representative of our partner - AXEM Technology. Responsible for communication with the laboratory that co-creates the RFID tag.

Software Developers.

Dmitriy Timofeyev

Senior Software Engineer

Studied at National Technical University of Ukraine. Software engineer. Co-author of READY.BIKE database architecture.

In the project responsible for:
Design and implementation of the source code of the BIN algorithm.

Dominik Kvasko

Junior Software Developer

Studied at Poznan University of Technology. Junior software developer helping Dmitriy designing and implementing the BIN algorithm.


Cooperation with our New Investor – Human Alfa

The expansion, and thus the recognition of Ready.Bike, allowed us to go out to sea! Investors’ interest has turned into a big step that we are taking together with Human Alfa.Below  a few words about the event from the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation:„Literally a dozen or so minutes ago, Human Alfa, whose shareholder is the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation, took up shares in the Trebiada Company. The company’s main activity is trade intermediation and wholesale of sports equipment, mainly bicycles and bicycle accessories. The company also runs specialized IT projects – such as Ready.Bike and LunchSpace. It is the...

Presentation on Eurobike

Together with our partner – READY.BIKE we have presented our solution including IOT and 4.0 Technology on the biggest European bike exhibition – Eurobike in Friedrichshafen. We received a fantastic feedback from end-users as well as from the Bussiness Owners from the whole world. We keep going with the hard work to provide the best IOT solution for the bike industry.

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