Project goals

The aim of the project is to develop a solution in the form of a sensor system based on RFID / NFC technology. The system is expected to allow contactless identification of bicycles (and similar vehicles) using a unique identification number. The solution should also allow assigning the numbers and reading them with the use of dedicated readers. Project's aim is also to integrate created senson by system with READY.BIKE - a bicycle management platform for manufacturers, shops and repair points.

Planned Effects

The effects we are going to achieve are divided into three milestones:

Milestone 1:
a) selected 5 tags meet the standards and guidelines set by the Originator, ready for the application and aging test phase, b) the algorithm creating the BIN identifier, obtaining in the tests min. 90% efficiency, c) a stable structure of the READY.BIKE cloud for storing unique tag numbers with an API created, allowing to assign a tag which in 100% of cases will take the ID of the tag and assign it to the unique BIN generated by the algorithm.

Milestone 2:
Among the tested samples, which will pass the in-use and aging tests, and will receive confirmation of the recording effectiveness after thermal tests at a level not lower than 98% and confirmation of the reading efficiency after thermal, operational and aging tests at the following levels: min. 99% after thermal tests, min. 97% after 5-year tests and min. 93% after 10 years of testing, up to 18 samples will be selected (two types of tags for each groups, for each type of frame tested) for acceptance tests.

Milestone 3:
Sensor system (labels and readers) with parameters not lower than:
a) the efficiency of coding and reading at the level > = 98% in a monthly period, in the case of tags installed by producers without their own paint line,
b) coding and reading efficiency at the level > = 99% per month for tags installed in the factories having their own paint line,
c) the efficiency of reading and circulation of information at the level > = 98% for 100 tested bicycles in a two-month period test.

Funding value

The total financing value of the project is PLN 1 000 000

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